Day Care Center of New London, Inc. is a 4-K collaborate site for the school district of New London. We offer "wrap around" child care. No busing issues to worry about!The physical, emotional, social and cognitive early learning of children are the focus of the 4 Year Old Kindergarten program.

The Day Care Center of New London takes pride in collaborating with the School District of New London as we work together to provide a 4-K program that allows a play based, developmentally appropriate learning experience for our school district’s four year-old learners.

Education is a team effort. Research has shown that the best education is provided when parents, teachers and the community work together as partners.We look forward to working together closely with the New London School District as partners in an effort to provide success for all of our 4-K students.

Please call Janet Herzfeldt for more information at 920-982-6544 to learn more about our 4-K program available for children in New London and the surrounding communities!